2014 Awards


    Soteris Chrysostomou

    2014 Co-recipient of the Lionel Bryer Award

    "I have been a member of the Orchestra since 2012. Since then, I have noticed a remarkable evolution in my playing, me as a musician and as an individual. I attribute this positive development to being involved in the EUYO – an orchestra unlike any other. I feel very privileged to receive tuition from some of the world’s finest. But, I have also learnt so much from my fellow musicians. It was an honour to receive the Lionel Bryer Memorial Fund Award. I have used it to invest in my continued musical development, repairing my instrument and to further my studies."



    Sorin-Vlad Spasinovici

    2014 Co-recipient of the Lionel Bryer Award

    "The Lionel Bryer Award has brought me, besides the immense honour and joy of being its joint recipient, the chance of buying myself a new bow, which helps tremendously in my development as a musician. The moment when this award was given to me really couldn’t have been more opportune, as I had just managed to buy myself a new viola, after many years during which I couldn’t afford to buy a better viola than the one I had bought when I was in high-school. By saving as much money as possible from the earnings that I had in the past couple of years, and with some financial help from my parents, I got my new viola one week before the start of the Summer Tour 2014. Therefore, a new viola would have also required a new bow, a better one, which I wouldn’t have been able to buy so soon, but thanks to EUYO and the great surprise of offering me this distinction, I will benefit from the help of this new bow in my future career – in my auditions, recitals, exams and, of course, all the performances with the EUYO."


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    Emily Davis

    2014 Recipient of the Pavlovic Award

    "Receiving the 'Alexander Pavlovic' award was an absolute privilege and delight. Having admired the musicians of the EUYO for many years since I was very young, it felt extremely special to be given that honour. The award money will go towards the purchase of my own new bow, a very special thing that is as important as the violin itself, which I have needed for many years. It has been fascinating to be able to try out various bows, and I look forward to finding the perfect one for me. I have recently accepted a position at the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and having the best equipment to play with is vital to establishing my career there. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given this extra help, alongside all the other wonderful experiences I have benefitted from as a member of the EUYO."



    Ulf Breuer

    2014 Recipient of the Chairman's Award

    "I gave the money I received for this award to another musician in the orchestra. I believe this musician would benefit significantly more than me from this financial gift.

    "He had been struggling with his instrument in a way that would have prevented him from developing as a player. So, I hope through my action, I may have helped in some way towards giving him the chance to help himself out of this situation. I hope the end result will have changed his musical future definitively. For about two months he searched for the very best instrument he could afford, and luckily he came upon an instrument that matched with the value of this award.

    "Since then, he told me, his musical life has positively changed. This assures me that I made the right decision in the first instance."



    Inge Bergenhuizen

    2014 Recipient of the Chairman's Award

    "The EUYO has taught me so much about how to be a better musician, but I also learned how to work with different, talented musicians from all over the European Union.

    "It's incredible how all these great musicians come together and not only make wonderful music, but also become great collegues and (maybe even more importantly) really good friends.

    "I am very honoured to be the joint recipient of the Chairman's Award 2014, certainly because this orchestra demonstrates how it is actually possible for all the different nationalities to join in one orchestra and work as one, with an overpowering amount of positive energy. The Award helped me to pay the college tuition for my last year of Masters studies in Amsterdam, I am happy to set an example for future EUYO-members. The distinct EUYO-energy is what makes the EUYO special and I hope we can be an inspiration for the rest of Europe and even for the world."