2015 Awards


    Victor Koch Jensen

    2015 Recipient of The Lionel Bryer Memorial Fund Award

    ”Receiving the Lionel Bryer Memorial Fund Award marks an absolute highlight of my time with the EUYO. 

    To be awarded this special prize is a tremendously generous financial boost, that gives me the possibility to go for lessons aswell as auditions abroad.

    Looking back on my time with the orchestra, I can't believe how many extraordinary friends I have met, how many epic and tear-provoking concerts we've played, and how strong the bonds we have tied in doing so. The EUYO creates a vital steppingstone for young musicians like myself, and I simply cannot imagine where I would have been without it, not just as a musician, but also as a human being.

    Mr. & Mrs. Bryer started something truly unique when they founded this orchestra, and I'm extremely grateful that I get to be a part of it.”



    Nikolaj Henriques

    2015 Recipient of The Aleksandar Pavlović Award

    “One of the most unique things I discovered through playing with the EUYO is that there are so many ways to play well. Even though we are from different countries and are taught differently, we can all learn from each other. It gives you the opportunity to be the musician that you want to be. No one expects you to play a certain way, they expect to hear YOU play, and I find the orchestra very unique in that way. This enables us all to grow as musicians within the orchestra.

    I feel extremely lucky and very grateful to be chosen to receive this award. Many people who have been awarded this prize before, are people that I admire personally and professionally. It motivates me to continue to pour all my energy and soul into my work on the bassoon. I'll use the money that I've received for a complete overhaul of my instrument.”



    Flávio Henrique Barbosa

    2015 Co-Recipient of the Ian Stoutzker Award

    “Playing in the EUYO in the last summer tour was more than a simple youth orchestra experience. The high artistic and human level of my colleagues, tutors and conductors was one of the most important achievements of my life. Besides the amazing musical experience, sharing a month with so many wonderful cultures gave me a new perspective on the world.

    Feeling all this energy and will of playing together was very important for my musical and human development. Being awarded the Co-Chairman's prize, presented by Mr. Ian Stoutzker, was very important for me, and a recognition of my effort. This prize gave me the opportunity to continue my studies in Zürich, a very important goal in my life.

    I would like to thank to all tutors, staff and colleagues for all the teachings, sharing and the help that make me a better musician and a better human being.”




    Klara Wincor

    2015 Co-Recipient of the Ian Stoutzker Award

    “Playing with the EUYO is something different. Not just because the individual level of playing is almost frighteningly high, but because of the energy which comes with it. I had the most emotional concerts of my life with the EUYO and also the most physically exhausting and at the same time elating concerts.

    Being the recipient of The Ian Stoutzker Award this year is a great honour and I couldn't be happier about it, as it is a sign of support and trust in me. I am very lucky to currently have a good instrument on loan, so I decided to use the Award when I need to travel with my cello, to cover the cost for an extra seat when flying. This will enable me to travel to masterclasses and auditions which I would not consider attending otherwise.”