2017 Awards


    Paula Sanz Alasà

    2017 Recipient of the Lionel Bryer Memorial Fund Award

    "I remember when I received the first invitation to tour with the EUYO. That was two years ago, when I joined the orchestra. I jumped around my room. I was so happy and excited because finally one of my dreams was about to become true.

    However, at that moment I was not aware of how much the EUYO would change me. The experience of being part of this orchestra (that we call a family) opened my eyes, or better, my heart. I cannot express with words how much we share during a tour. I have being so inspired by all the conductors, tutors, and soloists we have worked with and I have met some of my best friends on these tours. And thanks to this orchestra I have decided that this is my vocation and is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

    I believe that what really makes the EUYO so special is its spirit. It does not matter if we are at The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam performing a Bruckner symphony, or in the streets performing some chamber music. We want to share all our energy and friendship with anyone who is listening to us. I think the message we deliver is so strong, or at least we feel it very strongly, that suddenly the atmosphere is magic. I can say that I have smiled, cried and felt the most wonderful emotions during my EUYO concerts. And that is something that will stay with me forever.

    My most sincere gratitude to Mrs Bryer for awarding me with the Lionel Bryer Memorial Fund Award. It will help me to pay the Master's course I would love to study. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the institutions and people that make this dream called EUYO a reality. My only wish is to keep that spirit that I experienced in EUYO with me and take it to any orchestra, concert, or music experience in the future."



    Emma van Schoonhoven

    2017 Co-Recipient of the Ian Stoutzker Award

    "To be granted the Ian Stoutzker award has been such an honour. Being part of this orchestra has led to some of the most extraordinary experiences in my life, both musically and through forming lifelong friendships. During the tours and projects with EUYO I have been constantly pushed to be a better musician. I have learned so much about different cultures, and have been part of what is the biggest and warmest family, spread across Europe and beyond. The times in the orchestra: in rehearsal, on stage, on journeys, during the long days and short nights, have led to the most beautiful friendships and I have developed a deeper understanding of the importance of a united Europe and the role that this orchestra can play as its representative and future. For me personally it has left me with such important friends, connections and a belief to always keep fighting for music, for unity and peace.

    Within the EUYO there is such a strong and beautiful support to go beyond boundaries, whether that is on a cultural or musical level. With the help of the Ian Stoutzker award I am planning to continue to set up a musical service in Germany to bring music to people, outside of the usual concert hall setting, i.e. to hospitals and schools.

    Aside from this, the award is a great financial aid in the purchase of a beautiful viola bow. 'Discovering' the viola is another journey in which I have felt greatly supported by the tutors and my colleagues from the EUYO. I would not have been able to invest in this bow without the help of this generous gift and cannot thank Mr Ian Stoutzker and the EUYO enough."




    Iikka Nikolai Järvi

    2017 Co-Recipient of the Ian Stoutzker Award

    "In 2013 I joined EUYO without a clue what I was getting into, only after seeing the poster on the wall of my school. I feel that auditioning was the best decision of my life. Having had this amazing opportunity to see Europe united in working together to make something so special – making music in such a high level and energy, is still something I can't wrap my head around. EUYO has taught me more about making music than anything else, and I can never be thankful enough to be a part of this organisation. I have met my best friends, had incredible moments and have performed in outstanding concerts in my time with the EUYO. Being young and already having had the chance to work with great conductors and tutors in most amazing venues is a privilege that is priceless. All these good memories - I will cherish them forever, and the more to come!

    I want to thank Mr. Ian Stoutzker from bottom of my heart for giving me this award. It will undoubtedly help me on furthering my studies. Thank you once more to EUYO for providing this opportunity to allow young musicians to grow."




    Lorenzo Russo

    2017 Co-Recipient of the Aleksandar Pavlović Award

    "I feel deeply honoured and grateful to receive the Aleksandar Pavlović Award 2017, a truly unexpected surprise at the end of the most emotional tour I have ever done with this amazing orchestra so far.

    Being part of the EUYO is something that is truly inexplicable. When I joined it for the first time in 2014 I was completely astonished by how such a young group of musicians from 28 different countries could produce such wonderful, moving and high level results in music making. Of course I had heard recordings and stories about this orchestra previously but being part of it now was a completely different thing: the unique spirit on and off the stage, the love for music itself, the pure talent of its musicians and the energy you could almost touch during concerts was something I had never experienced before.

    For all these reasons EUYO has been an absolute turning point in the formation of the person and the musician I am today. It gave and still gives me new motivations to improve myself under every aspect. I can now say that wherever I go in the continent I will never be alone because somebody from the EUYO family will be there.

    The amount I have been awarded will contribute to the purchasing of a better instrument, something I had been planning for some time. Therefore I would like to express all my sincere gratitude to Mr. Pavlović, Mrs Bryer, the whole EUYO staff and the tutors.

    A special thanks to all my colleagues of the orchestra of this year. I feel so blessed for having been part of such an extraordinary group."


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    Andrew McCoy

    2017 Co-Recipient of the Aleksandar Pavlović Award

    "My time in the EUYO has provided me with some of my most cherished memories and being presented with the Aleksandar Pavlovic Award on the final evening of the summer tour 2017 was without question one of life's most memorable moments. Sitting amongst much respected fellow musicians, friends and colleagues, I was immensely humbled and, if I am being honest, somewhat embarrassed. It was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated!

    As anyone who has been involved with the EUYO will know, it is an immensely special orchestra. Not only because of the exceptionally high level of musicianship and playing standard, but equally as a result of the people it brings together. It really is an example of the best of Europe and the European Ideal. We are 'united in diversity'.

    Words alone cannot describe what it is like to  play in the EUYO. The sound, the energy, the enthusiasm and the sheer commitment with which everyone plays, is simply incredible. You cannot help but grow as a musician. Surrounded by my EUYO friends and colleagues these past three years, I have developed and grown not just as a player, but as a person. It is impossible to put into words how much I have valued this opportunity. The EUYO is a truly fabulous institution.

    To have been awarded the Aleksandar Pavlovic Award is truly an honour of which I am eternally grateful. I cannot even begin to express my thanks to all of those involved in making the EUYO what it is. The award will enable me to continue my Masters' studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London as well as providing me with the opportunity to visit various professors across Europe.