The EUYO's Mission

As Cultural Ambassadors for the European Project, to bring together the most talented young musicians from all EU member states in a diverse orchestra united by a shared sense of European heritage, innovation, sustainability, and the constant pursuit of excellence.


This involves:

  • Establishing an orchestra of outstanding, dedicated young musicians from the member states of the European Union who work together under internationally renowned and inspiring professors, conductors and soloists to achieve the highest possible standard of orchestral performance.

  • Enabling the Orchestra to perform each year in major cities and festivals both in the European Union and throughout the world, in a variety of formal and informal events that use the most traditional and the most innovative formats and techniques for diverse audiences.

  • Providing an annual opportunity for the participants to live and work together to develop friendships and understanding, and to increase their awareness of the musical and cultural aspects of Europe’s countries and regions, and Europe’s place in the global culture.

  • Producing enlightened Europeans equipped to play a part in the welfare and betterment of European and other communities as ambassadors for the EU, demonstrating cooperation, achievement and creativity, and embodying the highest ideals of the European Union.


The EUYO's Strategic Objectives

●    improve and spread access to cultural activity at a national and pan European level
●    reinforce the cultural & creative sector’s capacity to operate transnationally
●    promote the intangible heritage of local, regional & European cultural production
●    assist the strengthening and development of EU organisations and networks

●    evince the highest ideals of the EU and be an example of the EU at its finest in all its work
●    represent the EU as cultural ambassadors
●    use orchestras as a means to advance society, in instrumental as well as in intrinsic ways
●    help produce enlightened Europeans equipped to play a part in the betterment of society
●    help train the next generation of European leaders in classical music at a national as well as EU level
●    expand the number and range of musicians trained through its activities
●    contribute to the developing of young musicians’ careers & employment
●    provide skills, competence and expertise that strengthens the sector

●    engage in varied European and global performances in venues, exchanges and festivals
●    develop strategies for increasing & deepening the experience of diverse audiences
●    enable diverse future generations to know, perform, participate in and enjoy music
●    create new digital platforms and innovative cultural events