• Overview

    The Selection Process: EUYO works very closely with its local audition organisers in all 27 EU countries. They are responsible for the delivery of the EUYO auditions in their country and we appreciate this collaboration very much. Read more »

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    FAQ  How does the selection process work? Read more »

  • A "must read" before applying

    These rules and regulations apply to new applicants for the 2023 orchestra: All applicants for the 2023 Orchestra must be aged between 16 and 26 inclusive on 31 December 2022. All applicants must hold passports from one of the 27 current European Union member countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulg... Read more »

  • Audition Tips

    How can aspiring EUYO players be better prepared for audition? We have asked ourselves this question, and we have come up with a little help for you in the form of videos made by our tutors, in which some of the most troubling issues are dealt with. You will have a better idea on how to prepare ... Read more »

  • Past Auditions

    Below you can see the Orchestra Audition announcements from past years. Read more »

  • Leader Applications

    Apply to be Leader of the EUYO The European Union Youth Orchestra is seeking an orchestra leader for the Orchestra’s 2023 season. Read more »