The Selection Process:

EUYO works very closely with its local audition organisers in all 27 EU countries. They are responsible for the delivery of the EUYO auditions in their country and we appreciate this collaboration very much.

First round:

In several countries where candidate numbers are high or for other administrative reasons there are two rounds of auditions. As 2021 is still a complicated year with the Covid-19 pandemic, some countries will hold live auditions and some countries will hold online auditions. The panel of the first round of auditions is provided by either the local organiser or EUYO. If the local organiser has provided the panel this will consist of one, two or several jurors. If this is provided by EUYO it will be EUYO’s instrumental faculty, and each video will be judged by a specialist in your own instrument.  

There is a separate application form for each EU country and if the first round is an online audition you will need to include a Youtube link in your application (which you should upload to YouTube, either as an unlisted or public video – do not choose the “private” setting). Successful candidates will be informed as soon as possible after the first round, in the second half of October, that they will be invited to the final round. Please note that it can take a couple of weeks until results of the first round will be sent out, due to the high number of candidates.

Final (second) round: 

As 2021 is still a complicated year with the Covid-19 pandemic, some countries will hold live auditions and some countries will hold online auditions for the final round (second round).

For both live and online final round auditions, you will be heard by ONE experienced EUYO panel member. However, to ensure a fair judgement all auditions will be recorded on video so that they can be judged by a panel specific to your instrument and compared with all other audition candidates across Europe. 

Our audition process is designed to ensure fairness across different instruments and countries. This is our highest priority. Your audition is only the first stage of our judging process, as it is followed by an extensive moderation process to guarantee fairness. If you second round audition is online, your second-round panelist will watch your video and then spend approximately 8 minutes with you in which you may be asked to play further excerpts (not necessarily the ones you submitted on the video).

Feedback for all other candidates:  

If you do not advance to the second round, you can take  advantage of a live, online feedback session with an EUYO Alumni Tutor for all online auditions, and feedback will be provided in person for those attending a live audition. We will inform you about the scheduling procedure along with the results.

Click here for more information on audition excerpts.


All applications are now closed. 


Your main contact for auditions is Lia Melo lia@euyo.eu