The Orchestra welcomes the prospect of working with the EU on the details of a new funding agreement

We welcome the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's 1 June 2016 announcement of proposals to enable the European Union to return to core funding the EUYO. We are very appreciative of President Juncker’s kind words about the EUYO and about its role in the past 40 years as a symbol of Europe. We also join President Juncker in thanking the European Parliament, and in particular MEPs Silvia Costa and Jose Manuel Fernandez, for help in reaching a solution, and showing "that we can find creative solutions by overcoming bureaucratic procedures when something is in the interest of our citizens".

Yesterday’s announcement contains funding proposals for 2016, 2017 and beyond, and the Orchestra looks forward to working in detail on these proposals in direct dialogue with the European Commission. The Orchestra is aware that only when the precise details of these proposals are confirmed by both the Commission and the EUYO can the future of the Orchestra be said to be assured. Given the long lead time of the classical music industry, in which commitments have to be made 2-3 years ahead, we hope to complete this work with urgency and speed.  

In the meantime we offer huge thanks to the quite astounding array of individuals and organisations throughout the world who have supported the #SaveEUYO Campaign. With far too many to mention individually in the space of a press release, we refer to the many examples of support which can be seen on our online support page. Once funding is in place and confirmed, the Orchestra looks forward to continuing its role as a Cultural Ambassador for the EU and as a beacon for the European spirit of excellence, freedom and creativity, both in Europe and also in the rest of the world.

For further information & press enquiries, please contact: Charlotte Hamilton,