EUYO meets the Professionals: Viola editions

22/02/17 - Something exciting is happening this week. The novel group, I quattro alti, is a newly formed ensemble which began with the musical meeting of EUYO member Theodor Andreescu and former EUYO member Sorin Spasinovici, with two members (and viola leaders) of The National Radio Orchestra of Bucharest, Michael Carol Mai Antal and Iulian Popovici. This week they are gearing up to launch their new project: EUYO meets the Professionals: Viola Edition.

The players will approach a variety of repertoire, from classical music to rock and even Romanian traditional music. With arrangements by Sorin Spasinovici, the group are focusing on truly showing the unique, diverse and too little known sound of the viola.

Theodor Andreescu:

“EUYO meets the Professionals is so unique because there is a constant exchange of experiences and musical knowledge; it creates a cohesion between the “products” of one of the best youth orchestras in the world and a prestigious professional orchestra from Romania.




Developed in partnership with the EUYO, Rute Muzicale and the Institutul Cultural Român, the group aim to have concerts in Romania and also further abroad. There is also likely to be a CD release, but more details will follow.

Marshall Marcus, CEO of EUYO:

“I am really impressed to see how two members of the EUYO family - a current member and an alumnus - have created this innovative project to help professionalise their careers. I am sure that EUYO meets the Professionals: Viola Edition’ will not only entertain and impress, but also demonstrate how talented young EU musicians can create their own opportunities in a challenging period in Europe. Their combination of musical talent and creative entrepreneurship is inspiring.”

The group hope that by launching this project, the idea will make way for other musicians to create something similar in their countries, by other EUYO members who would flourish from the opportunity to play alongside professional musicians.

“Most of all, we want you to enjoy our music at least as much as we do”, says Sorin.

All the best Sorin and Theo!



(Above: Theo and Sorin improvising post-concert in Gothenburg, November 2016)