EUYO to expand partnership with Grafenegg from 2018


The EUYO to become Orchestra in Residence at Grafenegg and a Partner in Campus Grafenegg from 2018

From 2018 the EUYO is expanding its work with Grafenegg, where the Orchestra has played for many years, and with whom it has been in partnership with the European Music Campus since 2014. The EUYO becomes Orchestra in Residence at Grafenegg, and a Partner in Campus Grafenegg, a major new initiative with an innovative multidisciplinary approach to music education and concert life. As part of this expansion, the EUYO's alumni will form a major element in Grafenegg's newly announced Academy Orchestra. The EUYO will work with Grafenegg to help develop talented young European musicians at the heart of Europe, amplifying the work of the European Music Campus as part of the newly expanded Campus Grafenegg, as Grafenegg becomes the summer home and principal summer venue partner of the EUYO.

“The EUYO’s partnership with Grafenegg has provided the Orchestra with great opportunities: superb rehearsal and performance spaces, a highly successful Festival, and a goal of nourishing Europe’s most talented young musicians at the European Music Campus. As Grafenegg starts its major development of Campus Grafenegg, the EUYO is delighted to play a major role in this development, allowing us to develop our work with Grafenegg and enrich our partnership with Lower Austria’s cultural community.” Said EUYO Chief Executive Marshall Marcus.

“In Grafenegg, history is alive and the future is close at hand. With Campus Grafenegg and the new partnership with the European Union Youth Orchestra, we are investing in the future and entering into a new period of collaboration. Grafenegg will become the “home in the heart of Europe” for young talents from across Europe, the perfect place to cultivate and develop musical excellence and to live the European idea.” Said Paul Gessl, Managing Director, Grafenegg  


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