Launching EUYO Frontrunners

A new online learning programme for EUYO musicians and alumni to meet the challenges of the 21st century


10/02/22 – The EUYO is delighted to launch EUYO Frontrunners, a major new online learning initiative to help create the frontrunners and musical leaders in tomorrow’s Europe. Using the latest participatory online learning methodologies, and complementing the Orchestra’s well established high quality traditional orchestral training programme, EUYO Frontrunners will help EUYO members and recent alumni explore and develop the skills needed to help futureproof their careers during a particularly challenging period for young people. The aim is to help young musicians to actively create rewarding and sustainable careers for themselves that will also contribute to the good of society as a whole.

The EUYO Frontrunners programme, designed with the help of global teaching expert and EUYO Frontrunners advisor Eric Booth, will introduce a new faculty of teachers in a programme divided into four subject areas: Include, Perform, Share and Sustain. A first round of online workshop sessions will take place between 14 and 23 February 2022, with further sessions coming up in September and November this year.



Is about stage and performing skills in the broadest sense of the word, including: how can you perfect your performance techniques? what are the ideal ways to prepare for performing? how can you best communicate with audiences? do you need to able to ‘read’ audiences? when and how should you lead and follow onstage? What about stage fright? how to audition well? how does your well-being as a person help your performance as a musician?



Is about reaching out and working with people of all ages and types, understanding the complex area of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), how to work for but also with people from all kinds of backgrounds, understanding the differences between cultures and the variety of different communities in today’s world, finding practical ways to help advance equity, opportunity and social justice through your work.



Is about sharing yourself and your professional work: bringing your unique identity and values to the fore among programmers and the media, how to present yourself, how to use different online platforms, how to create your own projects and use entrepreneurial skills to make them successful, how to programme well, how to form groups with friends and colleagues, how to market and sell ideas, how to apply successfully for funding.



Is about both the sustainability of the profession of the performing musician, such as caring for your body and mind and thinking about how to make a sustainable long-term career, but also about the sustainability of the world: how can musicians contribute to major global issues such as climate change and the other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, issues which you will have to work with increasingly in the coming decades.


Session 1 | 14 February | The EUYO Entrepreneurs Club

Creating and funding your own successful projects

A group of EUYO members and alumni share insights into the creation and operation of 6 extraordinary projects they have designed, and which have recently been awarded seed funding or Highly Commended status in a new EUYO Project Awards Scheme. These include a series of cross-genre performances by women artists across Paris, a new collective combining classical and folk musicians, and a tour across Spanish islands exploring one of the 19th century’s most underappreciated women composers. As part of the new EUYO Entrepreneurs Club, which is open to all EUYO members and recent alumni, participants will learn how to successfully build, fund and present their own projects.


Session 2 |16 February | Detlef Grooß

Inspiration for change, or how you can help save the world as a musician

Are we really in a climate change crisis? And if so, what can musicians do? Violist and environmental expert Detlef Grooß will introduce his work as a sustainability manager and with the Orchester des Wandels (Orchestra of Change). This session will include an analysis of where we are with climate change, how this situation affects musicians’ careers, and how musicians can both prepare for change and have a significant positive impact on making sustainable future projects and careers. 


Session 3 | 21 February | Eric Booth

The why and the how of getting involved in social action music projects

All musicians want to change people’s lives through the power of what happens in concerts. However, some want to go further, using the power of music to impact communities and address social needs. Workshop leader Eric Booth is currently designing Joyce DiDonato’s world tour of EDEN in major opera houses, dedicated to environmental awareness. He will explore how and why artists can drive the change in the climate crisis, health, wellness and social justice, with opportunities to make a difference.


Session 4 | 23 February | Sir Roger Norrington & Maggie Faultless

Period instruments rediscovered for modern players

Sir Roger Norrington, one of the world’s most significant period and modern instrument conductors, joins Maggie Faultless, co-leader and director of The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, ex-leader of Amsterdam Baroque, and with experience of directing and leading many famous period instrument and also modern orchestras. Together, they will look at the world of period instrument performance, exploring how techniques rediscovered in the last half-century can help every musician – and particularly modern players – to develop and improve their performance skills in the areas of sound, speed, style, music sources, instruments, and size and balance of orchestra seating.