Ortús Chamber Music Festival enters its second year

23/02/17 - Last year, inspired EUYO Cellist Sinead O’Halloran, alongside one of Ireland’s most accomplished young violinists Mairéad Hickey, created and co-founded the Ortús Chamber Music Festival in Cork, Ireland. Next month it enters its second year, with musical happenings in Midleton, Cork City and East Cork from March 3-5th 2017. Whilst main festival concerts will take place in these areas, there will be education and outreach work happening around Cork City and County throughout the period. The festival will feature many Chamber Music Classics and some of Ireland’s most talented young composers will be making an appearance.  


Sinead says: ‘the idea of Ortús Music Festival is really about coming back to where our musical journeys began. Ortús actually comes from the Latin word, ortus, which means ‘origin’, and the Irish word Tús, which means ‘beginning’. So the festival is about creating more performance opportunities for Ireland’s finest musicians who are now based all around the world, therefore bringing everyone back home.’

Sponsored by Arts Council of Ireland, Ortús is creating more chamber music opportunities in the county and in Ireland as a whole - for both performers and audiences. It really celebrates the musical ability and innovation of young Irish musicians and composers. Gearing up now for its second year, we are excited to see what the festival holds!

To find out more about the festival’s upcoming concerts, click here.

 “Check out Ortús Chamber Music Festival in Ireland: another creative idea from our talented entrepreneurial family of EUYO musicians!”

                                                                                                                                                       - Marshall Marcus, CEO of EUYO