The EUYO joins the Paris Pauline Viardot Celebration Day

A special concert including EUYO musicians will take place at the Opéra-Comique on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 20.00

04/10/2021 - The EUYO joins its Creative Partner Centre Européen de Musique in Paris on 6 October to celebrate the great composer and performer, Pauline García Viardot, on the occasion of her bicentenary, when the Théâtre national de l'Opéra-Comique will become a gathering point for music lovers worldwide to pay tribute to her.

The programme of the day will start in the morning at 10.00 with a talk on "Pauline Viardot the composer" in the Bizet room, conducted by Agnès Terrier with Amy Kyle, Florence Launay, Rosalba Agresta and Nicolas Žekulin. A masterclass with the great classical soprano singer Dame Felicity Lott will follow in the Salle Favart from 15.00 to 18.00.

The culmination of the celebration day will be a grand concert in the evening at 20.00 that will feature several international musicians, including Renaud Capuçon, Michel Dalberto and Nathanaël Gouin. In the concert, Pauline Viardot’s fascinating and lyrical Six Morceaux for Violin and Piano VWV 3003 will be performed by a group of female EUYO members from 7 different European countries: violinists Lucía Barrero, Sophie Williams, Katarina Kralj, Wiktoria Dettlaff, Olivia Høilund-Carlsen Ruud and Cristina Cazac, and pianist Karolina Pancernaite.

This celebration of Pauline Viardot is a much-needed reminder of the quantity and quality of the work of women composers. Born in 1821 and raised in one of the most eminent musical families of Europe, Viardot was at the very centre of the cultural and music life of her times: she took piano lessons with Franz Lists, played duets with her friend Frédéric Chopin, performed as a singer for Johannes Brahms, inspired Giacomo Meyerbeer and Charles Gounod, counselled Hector Berlioz, and could count intellectuals such as Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev as a close friend.

The Centre Européen de Musique is the natural organizer of the event, as Pauline Viardot is their tutelary figure. The Villa Viardot in Bougival, who has been the home of the great musician, has been saved by the action of Jorge Chaminé, president of the CEM, and will be the heart of the future eco-responsible cultural district that will integrate the Centre Européen de Musique.