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To read the feature pieces from our #EUYONewsletter, click on the links below:


2021 EUYO Newsletter #1:

Shaping Culture for Tomorrow’s Europe - Interview to Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović

Spreading Joy through Music - Interview to Jess Gillam

Peter Stark on the 2020 EUYO Online Auditions

A new audience project in Ferrara - by Marshall Marcus


Summer-Autumn 2020 #EUYONewsletter:

Romain Lapeyre, from EUYO alumnus to EMGF concert organizer

Lockdown, home recording and the EUYO Digital Orchestra

Members & Alumni Meetup

Whatever next!? Preparing for the future in the Age of Covid


Spring 2020 #EUYONewsletter:

Coronavirus, and what the EUYO did next...

So what's composing all about?

Members & Alumni Meetup

Ok. And what about the future?



Autumn 2019 #EUYONewsletter:

A day in the life of the EUYO

Guess what we just did?

Audition tips

Players and Alumni: Meetup


Summer 2019 #EUYONewsletter:

The Listening Project - Thoughts from the Maestros...

Going Global! EUYO in Italy, the EU & beyond

EUYO & Sustainability

Players and Alumni: Meetup


Winter 2018 #EUYONewsletter:

Meeting world leaders - EUYO Chief Conductor, Vasily Petrenko on November 11 concert

Players and Alumni: Meetup

And finally, what about 2019?


Summer 2018 #EUYONewsletter:

‘2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage’ … yes, but what does it mean?

Sarah Sew: "Cultivating a genuinely inquiring musical mind which will lead you, inspire you and drive you"

Players and Alumni: Meetup


Winter 2017 #EUYONewsletter:

Avanti a Ferrara!

Leon Botstein: "In these times of socioeconomic changes, what is the role of the artist?"

Players and Alumni: Autumn Meetup 


Summer 2017 #EUYONewsletter:

President and Co-Founder of EUYO, Mrs Joy Bryer awarded OBE!

Europe goes North: Spirit of the North

Christian Lindberg, virtuoso pioneer of solo trombone - and much more...

EUYO violinist meets EUYO alumnus of Berlin Philharmonic 


January 2017 #EUYONewsletter:

EUYO meets the professionals: January Meetup 

EU funding: what's the story?



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