Juan Cuenca Delgado

Juan Cuenca Delgado was born in 1999 in Madrid (Spain). At the age of 8 he moved to Cazorla (Jaén), where he currently lives. He started to play the viola when he was 12, in the class of professor Enrique Gómez Grau at “Maestro Paterna” Conservatory (Cazorla). Later, he studied with professor Mª Luisa Lemus Campelo at “Andrés Segovia” Professional Conservatory (Linares). In 2018, he began the Bachelor Degree under guidance of professor Vicent Nogués at CSMCLM (Castilla-La Mancha Conservatory), and at this moment he is in the last year of the Bachelor with professor David Fons (from who has received lesson since he was 14) at Musical Arts Madrid School of Music.

For several years he took lessons from violist Igor Sulyga (Kopelman Quartet). He has also studied under the supervision of Joaquín Riquelme at the Orchestral Academy of Barenboim-Said’s Fundation (Sevilla).
Juan has attended masterclasses from prestigious violist like Lars Anders Tomter, Wilfried Strehle, Sophie Reuter, Josep Puchades, Luis LLácer, Inés Picado, Julia Chu-Ying Hu, Francesc Gaya, or the Shangai Quartet in chamber music.

He has been awared in several solo music competitions like the First Prize String Player (17-21 years) in the National Competition “City of Xátiva”2020, or the Second Prize in the National Competition “América Martínez” 2015 among others. In chamber music, he got the Second Prize in the National Chamber Music Competition “City of Ávila” 2019, and the Second (2016) and Third Prizes (2017) in the “Lorenzo Palomo” Chamber Music Competition (Andalucía).

About his orchestral formation, he has been member of the Spanish National Youth Orchestra (JONDE) since 2019, where he has played as principal and tutti. Here he has played under the baton of conductors like James Conlon, Josep Pons, Lutz Köhler, Lucas Macías, Jordi Françés, Javier Ulises Illán, Francois López-Ferrer, Isabel Rubio and Luis Miguel Méndez, at the most important concert halls in Spain like the Spanish National Auditory of Music (Madrid), The Maestranza (Sevilla), Zaragoza, Santander, Valladolid etc... In the JONDE, he has worked with musicians like Anna Puig, Hilary Metzger, Álvaro Gallego, Yuval Gotlibovich and Josep Puchades.
Reina Sofía School of Music invited him to participate with the Freixenet Orchestra in the opening concert of the International Meeting Santander 2018 conducted by Juanjo Mena.

Since 2021, he is academist at ADDA Simfònica Orchestra (Alicante), and in the last months he has collaborated in several programs with the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra.