Albin Valastig

I'm Albin, a percussionist from southern Sweden. I grew up playing piano and drumset in a small village in the countryside. I started playing percussion in the wind band at my local music school and am right now studying my first year of my Masters Degree at Musikhögskolan i Malmö.
Even though many years have passed I still remember my first rehersal in the wind band. I came unprepared and got handed a pair of mallets and a glockenspiel part never having played the instrument before. I was not very good at reading music at the time and clearly remember writing a letter over every single note of my music in order for me to remember what to play. Sweden, and Malmö, have a lot of great percussionists. It's a very inspiring environment to study in being sourrounded by so many talented players to learn from. Playing percussion is a lot of fun and my favourite thing about it is the variety. Having so many instruments to play with the ability to produce so many different sounds for different music is what inspires me the most.