Cristina Cortés Panyella

Cristina was born in Barcelona, surrounded by music. Music is really abundant in her family; her parents are violinists and pedagogues. Her father taught her to play the violin from the age of three until Cristina discovered the French Horn and completely fell in love with its noble and warm sound.

She always knew she wanted to play in an orchestra. The first time she actually played in a symphonic orchestra, she felt the urge to stand up and scream with joy and excitement. She had the amazing opportunity to play in the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Catalonia for six years and, nowadays, she is a member of the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Spain.

She has a very deep sensitivity to animals; that is why she has been vegan for a year and a half. She loves to read and also to write since she knew how to. She combines writing and music in her daily life. Since COVID, she has changed her goals and left Barcelona to study abroad. Now it is easier for her to focus on her projects because she lives in Lübeck, where the light is brighter, even though the sun hardly seems to rise. Even so, she is taking full advantage of the opportunities that Germany offers her, such as of Adrián Díaz, her current teacher.

For Cristina it is important to be connected to one's own feelings in order to make music. For her, music is a tool to deal with them and learn together as a group. She will always make music and grow through it.