Ángela Bullejos Martín

Ángela Bullejos Martín was born in 1996 in Granada, Spain. She began playing the bassoon at eight years old in the music school of her hometown, where she obtained the top overall marks in her year group, as well as first prize in the youth music competition "Concurso provincial de Granada".
She continued her studies in Musikene, San Sebastián, Spain, with David Tomàs, Higinio Arrúe, Javier Aragó, Álvaro Prieto and Vicente Alario. There, she was part of a wind quintet and performed at several festivals. She then moved to Karlsruhe, Germany, where following her Erasmus scolarship she completed her bachelor's degree with David Tomàs, Lydia Pantzier and Susanne Keck.
Having graduated with a distinction, she went on to study for a Master´s degree in Detmold, Germany, with Prof. Tobias Pelkner, obtaining excellent results.
During her studies Ángela is part of young orchestras like Young Orchestra of Extremadura OJEX and Young National Orchestra of Spain JONDE. She also has performed with orchestras, such as Orchestra of Extremadura OEX, Academy of Orchester City of Granada OCG, and had a Praktikum at the NWD Nordwestdeustche Philharmonie.
She currently holds a soloist position at the Vogtland Philharmonie, Germany.