Sekou van Heusden

Sekou started playing drums at the age of eight. At first, behind the drumset, but after a while he also started looking into classical percussion playing. After his first experience in a symphony orchestra, playing Mahler’s first symphony, he was absolutely fascinated. Sekou focused on orchestral and solo percussion literature, mentored by Thomas Hastreiter (Polizeiorchester Bayern) and later Jörg Hannabach (Munich Philharmonic). In 2016 he followed a young talent program at the HfM Nürnberg with Jochen Schorer (SWR Symphony Orchestra). In 2017 Sekou started the Bachelor degree at the conservatory in Amsterdam. In 2019 he acquired the position of academist at the Staatstheater Nürnberg. After two years of practical experience, he is now finishing his studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.