Nikolaos Nikas

Nikolaos Nikas was born in Corfu in 2001. He started playing music at the philharmonic society of Mantzaros ,at the age of seven, with the late Georgios Kourkoulos in theory and Spyros Nikas, his father, in the trumpet. In 2009 he joined up the philharmonic society of Mantzaros. In November 2011 he was awarded  the first prize in an internal competition of the philharmonic society (friends of Georgios Anyfantis). A year later, in November 2012, he was awarded the first prize in a panCorfiot competition ‘ STEFANOS DOLIANITIS’ at the category of brass wind instruments.  

In the years 2012-2013 he attended trumpet lessons with Sokratis  

Anthis and in 2014 he joined the philharmonic society of Corfu. Since 2015 he has been a student at the Ionian conservatory , and he has been taught by Ioannis Karampetsos, leading trumpet player in the State Orchestra of Athens. In 2020 he acquired his diploma with distinction, as well as the first prize. In January 2018 he obtained the musical harmony certificate by Anastasios Kazianis. Since 2016 he has been participating in various workshops of brass wind instruments, carried out by the State Orchestra of Athens. Also, he has participated as a concert performer in different philharmonic societies in Corfu.   

From time to time he attended numerous seminars conducted by distinguished professors such as Panagiotis Kaisaris, Vincent di Martino, Greg Jones, Nigel Bodigge, Anthony Plog, Gabor Tarkövi, Wolfgang 

Güggenberger, Laura Vukobratovic, Klaus Schuhwerk. On January 19, 

2019 he achieved the first place in the international student competition YAMAHA MUSIC FOUNDATION OF EUROPE. For the last three years he has been attending Master class seminars with Fritz Damrow, trumpet professor at the Music University of Zurich. In September 2020 he was placed as a trumpet player at the academies for young players by the State orchestra of Athens and worked as 2nd trumpet in the Greek National Opera for 6 mounths. In April 2022 participated as trumpet player with Swiss Orchestra (also as a soloist).He has acquired a C2 certificate in English (May 2017, Michigan University) and a B2 certificate in German (March 2018, Goethe Institute).    

In May 2020 he was accepted as an undergraduate student in Music University of Zurich, doing a Bachelor of Arts in music performance.