Mathias Haslund Birch

Mathias Haslund Birch was born in 1999 in Aalborg, Denmark. He started out playing the drums. After a few years he started in the local marimba band and the local wind band. Eventually he got his first symphony orchestra experience playing an opera with a youth orchestra, which immediately caught his attention. In 2015/2016 he attended an orchestra focused boarding school which furthered his interest in classical music, specifically the symphony orchestra. After that he studied for 5 years (2016-2021) with Jonas Weitling in Viborg, while he was attending high school.

He is currently studying under the tutelage of Søren Monrad and Johan Bridger for his bachelor’s degree at the Danish National Academy of Music in Odense. He’s been fortunate enough to have the pleasure to play with multiple of the danish regional orchestras, including Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and a school project with Odense Symphony Orchestra. In 2022 he was also accepted into Orkester Norden. During his studies he’s also been delving into the solo and chamber repertoire of percussion.