Nikolay Dimitrov

Nikolay Dimitrov, born in 2001 in Ruse, Bulgaria, is a classical and jazz pianist, a classical and jazz composer and a music engraver. He has been playing the piano since the age of 6 and has been composing since the age of 14 in both styles. In his biography, he has a significant number of prizes from national and international competitions, having also the honour of playing in halls like Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Musikverein.
Nikolay studied at National School of Arts – Prof. Veselin Stoyanov in Ruse, Bulgaria where he received his specialised music education before going to conservatory. His piano teachers then were prof. Snezhana Barova (studied with prof. H.Neuhaus) and Maria Gineva (studied with prof. M. Voskresensky). Currently, Nikolay is studying bachelor of classical piano, year 4 at Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen with Paul Komen (studied with prof. Jan Wijn). Nikolay participated in many masterclasses with many names such as prof. Ludmil Angelov, prof. Atanas Kurtev, prof. Milena Mollova, Aglika Genova and Luben Dimitrov, prof. Bozhidar Noev, prof. Yuri Bogdanov, prof. Ilona Timchenko, prof. Borislava Taneva, prof. Jean Bernard – Pommier, Evgeni Bozhanov. He also participated twice in the festival “Peter de Grote” in the Netherlands, where he got prizes both times. Nikolay has also played as a soloist with Mihail Jora philharmonic orchestra in Brasov, Ruse philharmonic orchestra and Athens sinfonietta.
Some of Nikolay’s professional achievements include:
·      2nd prize in Rian de Waal Foundation Composition Competition for Horse Freestyle, the Netherlands (2022)
·      Special prize “Talent of the Decade”, awarded for artistic achievements in the past 10 years, Bulgaria (2021)
·      Special prize “ppIANISSIMO” in International Composition Competition “Artistes en Herbe”, Belgium (2020)
·      Prize “Olga Kamburova” for young talent and incredible artistic achievements in the year, awarded by the Bulgarian National Radio (2018)
·      Honourable mention in International Competition for Chamber Music “Concertino Praga”, Czech Republic (2018)
·      1st prize in International Competition “Franz Schubert”, Bulgaria (2017)
·      Gran Prix in “Tudor Dumitrescu” International Competition, Romania (2017)
·      1st prize in National Student Accompaniment Competition, Bulgaria (2017)
·      1st prize in International Music Talent Competition “American Protege”, the USA (2014)

In addition, Nikolay Dimitrov is not only a solo pianist but also has a significant experience in chamber music, accompaniment and orchestra playing as a part of the orchestra. His orchestra experience includes:
·      EUYO, Austria – Piano/Celeste (07.2023)
·      Noordpool Orkest, the Netherlands – Temporary position – Synth in the movie “Beauty and the Beast” (02.2023)
·      NJON, the Netherlands – Reserve list – Celeste (01.2023)
·      Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Germany – Piano, Celeste, Synth (07.2022 – 08.2022)
·      Noordpool Orkest, the Netherlands – Substitute – Synth 1 in the movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” (03.2022)

Another area of expertise of Nikolay is music engraving and editorial work. He has worked for edition GrafoArt, Nahre Sol, Vyacheslav Gryaznov as well as with many contemporary composers and has been an important member in preparation of critical editions. The latest project is the preparation of a new edition of Enescu symphonies.