Carolane Gonin--Joubert

Carolane started playing the cello at the age of 5. She quickly developed a passion for this instrument and joined the CRR de Lyon at the age of 14 to study with Augustin Lefebvre. Five years later, she decided to study with Hélène Dautry at the CRR de Paris, where she remained for two years.
Carolane is now a student at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris in the class of Marc Coppey and Pauline Bartissol.
She has also received advice from Matthias Bartolomey, Emmanuelle Bertrand, Yvan Chiffoleau, Stephan Forck, Konstantin Heidrich, Jérôme Pernoo, Roland Pidoux, Denis Severin...
Passionate about chamber music, Carolane founded the Quatuor Malinconia in 2016, with which she played for five years. The quartet joined the class of the Quatuor Debussy in Lyon, and benefited from the advice of the Akilone, Aviv, Danel, Ebène, Manfred and Ysaye quartets during academies and masterclasses. The four musicians have performed in France, Germany and Portugal, and are the 2020 laureates of the Fondation Véronique Daverio.
Carolane attaches particular importance to the orchestra. She has played in several youth orchestras such as the Orchestre Franco-Arménien de Jeunes, the Orchestre des Jeunes de Rhône-Alpes, the Orchestre Atelier Ostinato... In 2022, she is solo-cello of the Orchestre Français des Jeunes. With the aim of making classical music more accessible, Carolane is used to do mediation activities in schools, retirement homes, prisons, centres for the disabled...