Almudena Quintanilla

Almudena was born in El Escorial (Madrid) in 2002. She started her studies at the age of 8 in the Music Conservatory Padre Antonio Soler, where she graduated with honors and won the Extraordinary Music Award from the Community of Madrid.

Brought up in a large family and following her siblings’ steps, she soon showed interest for chamber music and orchestral works, and started collaborating early on with many ensembles such as the Young Talents Project of the Madrid Symphonic Orchestra, Freixenet Orchestra from the Reina Sofía Music School, Barenboim-Said Orchestra, or Madrid Orchestra and Choir (ORCAM); and as Concertmaster in the Madrid Youth Orchestra (JORCAM) and León Youth Orchestra (JOL) amongst others. 

She has also been an active and curious member in the chamber music world, having explored many groups and taking part in festivals such as Musica-Musika International Festival or chamber projects in the Royal Theater of Madrid. She is a former member of the “In Momentum Octet” and “Turina Quartet”, whith whom she frequently gives concerts in Spain and has recieved masterclasses from Joaquín Riquelme, Pavel Gomziakov, Yuri Gandelsman or Cecilia Bercovich.

She currently is an member of the Barenboim-Said Foundation, and studies in Katarina Gurska Music Conservatory, where she has been adwarded the FKG Foundation Grant, and is working on her Bachelor Degree with prof. Sergey Teslia. In her free time she enjoys literature, nature and travelling.