Alessandra Sordo-Sanchez

At the age of two, I started playing the violin, for which I had already created an obsession in the two short years of my life. From the moment I was born, music has always been a part of my life and my family. I would say it’s part of my family’s inheritance. 

At the age of six, I entered the Sweelinck Academy at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Coosje Wijzenbeek. At the same time, I also became a member of her string orchestra, The Fancy Fiddlers. From that point, I started performing in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland with The Fancy Fiddlers and as a soloist. I had the privilege of performing with renowned soloists like Janine Janssen, Alexey Igudesman, Paolo Giacometti and Maxim Vengerov, and also had the privilege and honour to have had masterclasses from numerous musicians like Maxim Vengerov, from who I received a masterclass last year. 

In the last few years, I’ve developed my own vision of music and mainly classical music. Music is a universal way to connect, but unfortunately, the sad truth is our genre isn’t holding its ground anymore. We need to give our music and performance extra touches in order to keep it alive and I want to create ways to do such a thing. Introducing classical music to the young generations by bringing it to them instead of them coming to us, but also by fusing classical music with other popular genres so that they get surprised by our beautiful genre.