Agnes Wall Ströberg

Agnes Wall Ströberg, born 2002 in Stockholm, begun playing the cello when she was six years old. After being taught by her teacher Elisabeth Lysell Bjermqvist, she graduated from the music school Lilla Akademien and continued her studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. There, she currently studies for Johannes Rostamo to complete her Bachelor's degree. 

She has regularly had the opportunity to perform at masterclasses led by proficient cellists such as Kian Soltani, Torleif Thedéen, Jakob Koranyi, Marko Ylönen and Aleksei Kiseliov; the latter of whom she also had as a teacher for a while. 

During her education she has participated in a variety of concerts as a soloist, member of a chamber music ensemble or part of an orchestra all over Sweden and abroad. While currently being a part of the symphony orchestra at Stockholm's Royal College of Music, she has previously played in the Nordic Youth Orchestra and collaborated with the O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra.

Playing in different constellations with different people has made the biggest impact on her as a cellist. Getting to know other perspectives on music and all its facets is what she enjoys the most about being a musician.