Carlos Caballero

Spanish clarinetist Carlos Caballero is developing his musical career both as a soloist and as an orchestral musician. In this last year, he has collaborated with BBC Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia Orchestra, as part of the RCM Sit-in Scheme. He is currently holding the position of Clarinet Soloist B of the Orquestra Clássica do Sul, in Faro (Portugal).

He has performed with professional orchestras from Spain, such as Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra (ROSS), City of Granada Orchestra (OCG) or Cordoba Orchestra. He usually works with youth orchestras around Europe, such as European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO), Neue Philharmonie München (NPhM), Extremadura Youth Orchestra (OJEX) or World Youth Orchestra (WYO), with which he recorded the CD Med in Love in Rome in September 2019.

In his most recent experiences as a soloist, he has performed Mozart Quintet with some members of Harlem Quartet, Weber Clarinet Concerto No.1 with the Cordoba Youth Orchestra and Mozart Clarinet Concerto with the Orquestra Clássica do Sul, after winning 1st Prize at the I Festival de Clarinete do Algarve Competition.

Among his chamber music projects, Al-Ándalus Clarinet Quartet stands out, with which he has performed several concertos around Spain, as well as won 1st Prize in several competitions, such as Cadenza Contest 2020, VII International Clarinet Quartet Competition “Clarinettisim” or I National Chamber Music Competition “Abate Marchena”.

Carlos studied at the Conservatorio Profesional “Maestro Chicano Muñoz” in Lucena with Jose Pablo Carvajal. Following this, he moved to Sevilla to study at the Academy of Orchestral Studies Barenboim-Said Foundation with Piotr Szymyslik, as well as at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Manuel Castillo” with Antonio Salguero. He is currently studying at the Royal College of Music of London for a Master of Performance with Richard Hosford and Tim Lines, generously supported by the Leverhulme Arts Scholarship. He is a Drake Calleja Scholar and Hattori Foundation 2020 Senior Finalist.