Estefanía del Barrio Schkopp

Estefanía was born in 1997 in Valladolid (Spain). She started to play violin at the age of 3 years with her parents, who are also violinists.

She graduated in 2014 in the Professional Conservatory of Valladolid, at the age of 16. The same year, she won the Extraordinary Prize of Castilla y León. She is member of JONDE (Spanish Youth Orchestra) since 2018, EUYO since 2020 and she has collaborated with OSCyL (Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra) with Pinchas Zukerman as conductor, amongst others.

She studied the Bachelor Degree in Musikene (San Sebastián, Spain) with Tatiana Samouil and she graduated in Juni 2019.

Currently, she studies in Escola de Altos Estudos Musicais (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) and she collaborates with Real Filharmonia de Galicia.