Annemarie Hensens

Annemarie Hensens started her viola studies in the Young Talentclass of the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Judith Wijzenbeek and completed her bachelor’s studies there with Marjolein Dispa. At the moment, she is studying in her master’s with Nobuko
Imai and Sven Arne Tepl.

Annemarie specialises in classical viola, improvisation, and arranging. She's had masterclasses from Jürgen Kussmaul, Daniel Bard and Oene van Geel, among others. She wrote arrangements for the Ricciotti Ensemble and the CvA’s Philharmonic Friday, as well as for solo viola, bands
and chamber music ensembles.

Annemarie plays in the Shikibu Trio and is a member of the EUYO.