Anna Bagger

Anna Maria Bagger is a 18-year-old girl from Karlsruhe, Germany. She has lived in Germany her whole life but has roots in Estonia, which led to her visiting the Tallinn Music High School in 2018 as an exchange student.

Before and after that, she visits a High School in Ettlingen, Germany. Besides visiting school and playing the Mandolin she also plays the Piano and sings pop. Furthermore she is an amateur writer and poet. She used to play the violin as a child before she chose to play mandolin. Since her father has an orchestra, the Mandolinenorchester Ettlingen, in her home town, this was the orchestra she made her first steps in.

Already at the age of 14 she played her first passage in a professional orchestra – the film music of „The Gruffalo“ with the Württemberg Philharmonic. After that she played with several professional orchestras, e.g. on the CD „Schön ist die Welt“ of the german singer Jay Alexander, which was in the classical music charts on the first place several times. Also she played a concert in the Estonian National Opera with the Estonian Ensemble YXUS at the Estonian Music Days in 2018.

Her biggest concert was the „Sinfonia Concertante“ by Leopold Kozeluch, which is a classical piece for Mandolin, Trumpet, Piano and Double Bass solo and orchestra. She played it with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic at a Christmas concert in 2019.

Anna Maria Bagger also won several 1st prizes. In 2015 she participated in the International Youth Competition for Mandolin in Stein, Netherlands and won the first prize. She also won first prizes in the german music competition „Jugend Musiziert“ - 2019 the 1st prize in the category „Mandolin Duo“ with her own transcription of the famous Passacaglia by Johan Halvorsen, 2018 a 1st prize in the category „Mandolin Duo“. Since 2017, she has a scholarship for Mandolin at the Music School in Ettlingen, where she attends her Mandolin lessons. She also was taught by the Mandolin player Detlef Tewes.