Emilie Chigioni

Emilie was born in Bergamo in 2000, inspired by a strong musical tradition present in her family, she started playing the violin at age 4. She studied in Bergamo at first and then in Lugano (Switzerland) where she studied with M° Pavel Berman and she completed the Master of Arts in Music Performance in 2021.
Emilie performed with many orchestras both in Italy and abroad: worth to be mentioned, in 2017 she has been a member of the Verbier Festival Junior Orchestra, in 2021 she played in the Enescu Festival with the East-West Chamber Orchestra, in 2022 she was selected to be an academist with the Académie de l'Orchestre de Paris and she is an EUYO member since 2022.
Emilie is very interested in every shade of music and curious about the connection that one can find between music and fine arts, history and literature. She always has been interested in baroque repertoire and in historically informed practice, in fact she is a founding member of the ""Ensemble Locatelli'' and she has been chosen by Andrea Marcon to be part of the Frau Musika project.
Emilie is also deeply passionate about chamber music and she has been playing in different formations that go from the piano duo to the small ensemble, delving into music composed from the XVII Century until nowadays.
In 2022 Emilie won the permanent position as a tutti violin in the ""Filarmonica La Toscanini"" in Parma (Italy), where she's currently working.