Creative Partners

Drawing together talented young musicians from all 27 EU member states as an orchestra, the EUYO is both a symbol and an example of partnership. No surprise then that as the EU’s cultural ambassador, partnership lies at the very heart of everything that we do. Together with our Creative Partners we build new and innovative projects.

  • Community Arts Network

    Community Arts Network

    A research conducted by FASresearch on how to increase social impact through the arts with 2075 organisations across 92 countries established that 'Community Arts is a global community of ideas but not yet a global community network'. As a result, Porticus Foundation-CAL & Hilti Foundation jo... Read more »


  • Arts Engines

    Arts Engines

    Arts Engines highlights the perspectives of the thought leaders and game-changers who are creating significant impact in the field of the arts. Each episode reveals the human stories, best practices and real-life experiences of those who power human creativity each and every day. In partnership w... Read more »


  • European Federation of National Youth Orchestras

    European Federation of National Youth Orchestras

    Since 1994 the finest pre-professional youth orchestras of Europe have been working closely together and formed an association known as the European Federation of National Youth Orchestras (EFNYO). With the EUYO as one of its 38 member organisations to date, the ENFYO provides a platform for the ... Read more »


  • Europa Nostra

    Europa Nostra

    Europa Nostra is the European voice of civil society committed to safeguarding and promoting cultural and natural heritage. As a pan-European federation of heritage NGOs, supported by a wide network of public bodies, private companies and individuals, it covers more than 40 countries. Founded in ... Read more »


  • Karajan Institute

    Karajan Institute

    The Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute was founded in 2005 by Eliette von Karajan to promote the artistic legacy of her late husband, Herbert von Karajan. With more than 3.300 live performances and over 2.200 recordings of more than 750 classical works the conductor's unique legacy covers ... Read more »


  • Stauffer Center for Strings

    Stauffer Center for Strings

    Specialising exclusively in string instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass), the Stauffer Center offers courses for soloists and ensembles taught by internationally renowned artists. Founded in 2021, the Center is based in Cremona, Italy. Known as the ‘city of violins’, Cremona is where... Read more »


  • Centre Européen de Musique

    Centre Européen de Musique

    The Centre Européen de Musique (CEM) is a musical, educational, scientific and cultural initiative of a kind never before seen in Europe. Designed, created and driven by Jorge Chaminé, the CEM aims to become a crossroads of the arts, humanities, sciences and generations. It will thus celebrate mu... Read more »


  • Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana

    Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana

    RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana is the national public broadcasting company of Italy, owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. In December 2017 an agreement was signed between the Italian Ministry of Culture, Rai, the Municipality of Ferrara and the EUYO: the agreement provides for t... Read more »


  • Sistema Europe

    Sistema Europe

    The EUYO's partnership with Sistema Europe brings together Europe’s finest young instrumentalists and children from some of Europe’s most disadvantaged areas with the aim of inspiring, sharing and learning. The partnership provides unique opportunities to many young musicians, and so far has led ... Read more »


  • noun


    An independent design practice with a focus on bold, effective design, who's been redesigning the EUYO's visual language in 2016 and since works closely with the EUYO Communication team to produce campaigns, yearbooks and visuals for the Orchestra's many activities. Read more »


  • Interno Verde

    Interno Verde

    Two days for the curious ones, for those who, in front of a closed door, dream about a secret garden. Interno Verde is a yearly festival, opening private gardens for two days to the public in Parma, Mantova and Ferrara. Visitors are able to explore the most evocative and curious private gardens,... Read more »


  • World Human Forum

    World Human Forum

    Providing the canvas for a new human narrative, the World Human Forum is a think tank, a knowledge and action hub designed to help build a brighter future for all. A global citizens’ initiative which highlights and interconnects the innovative forces of our planet towards the creation of a genuin... Read more »