Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana

RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana is the national public broadcasting company of Italy, owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. In December 2017 an agreement was signed between the Italian Ministry of Culture, Rai, the Municipality of Ferrara and the EUYO: the agreement provides for the support and enhancement of the EUYO in the Italian music scene, fostering relations with orchestras and major musical institutions, as well as with the regions and cities. In this regard, the Municipality of Ferrara has undertaken to host the new seat of the EUYO, welcoming symphonic and chamber music concerts as part of the Ferrara Musica Season. RAI, the sole supporter of EUYO among the European public broadcasting services, has been contributing for 40 years to the selection of the Orchestra in the historic headquarters of the Radio Rai in via Asiago, 10 in Rome, and houses the legal seat of the EUYO since 2018. Rai promotes musical initiatives, it gives EUYO spaces, structures and organizational commitment for the selection of new members and regularly broadcasts EUYO concerts.