World Human Forum

Providing the canvas for a new human narrative, the World Human Forum is a think tank, a knowledge and action hub designed to help build a brighter future for all. A global citizens’ initiative which highlights and interconnects the innovative forces of our planet towards the creation of a genuine ecological civilisation.

From inspiring ideas to concrete projects, from unique gatherings in Delphi to Delphic Echoes around the world, the World Human Forum believes that the way forward is by assuming our personal responsibility, becoming engaged citizens, and acting for the common good. The World Human Forum approach is holistic and garners contributions from a broad spectrum of disciplines. The objective is to amplify the transformative power of change-makers.

Delphi is the World Human Forum's anchor and symbolic point of reference. In antiquity, it led the Classical world to question assumptions, interpretations, and identities, to “know thyself”. They aspire that Delphi today will serve yet again humanity as a third space, physical and virtual, available for all to engage and collectively seek solutions to the key challenges of our time.