Residency Partners


  • Grafenegg


    EUYO's Summer Home and Principal Venue Partner High-calibre classical concerts against a romantic backdrop. Grafenegg, situated near Vienna, is one of Europe's most important concert venues for classical music, and the EUYO's Summer Home and Principal Venue Partner.  Read more »


  • Ferrara Musica

    Ferrara Musica

    Principal Italian Residency Partner 2018 marks the beginning of a major three-year Italian residency programme, with a new home for the EUYO at the Teatro Comunale Claudio Abbado di Ferrara, following the Orchestra's announcement of it establishing a legal and operational seat in Ferrara and Rom... Read more »


  • Bolzano Festival Bozen

    Bolzano Festival Bozen

    Summer Residency Partner Bolzano Festival Bozen is an annual summer residency for the EUYO. Founded by the EUYO's Founding Music Director Claudio Abbado and Director from 1976 - 1994, the Festival is a project of the Comune di Bolzano, Project of Culture, hosting a range of performances and work... Read more »