Alumni teaching projects

The Alumni Teaching Programme was developed as part of the Orchestra’s Towards 2020 programme.

It was launched because whenever recent EUYO alumni players performed side by side with those younger and less experienced than them, there was a noticeable powerful and often inspirational teaching effect observed.

In these cases, the presence of a young teacher meant that the young player felt close enough in age and ability to be inspired to try to develop to a similar level as the EUYO alumni teacher.


The programme is part of the Orchestra’s strategy of scaling the work of the EUYO by connecting it with increasing numbers of young players across Europe, and so multiplying ambition, opportunity and aspiration.

Alumni teaching projects have happened since 2015 in countries including Austria, China, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Myanmar, Romania, and the UK.

For details on how to engage EUYO alumni teachers please contact Stefania Sajeva, EUYO Executive Co-ordinator.


For further project details, see our Alumni Teaching Archive.