Engaging Audiences



Qualitative and Quantitative Engagement

The EUYO's audience development strategy (ADS) was developed in order to help enrich work with current audiences, increase accessibility to classical music, and to encourage a level of audience diversity appropriate to the 21st century. A major focus is to increase audience numbers, but also to increase the quality of experience, thus creating a greater sense of accessibility, proximity and engagement with audiences.  The ADS was devised with 3 distinct ‘segments’ of audience in mind: Existing audiences, New audiences, and Non audiences (non = audiences with a current predisposition against attending classical music events).


Audience Engagement Partners

The EUYO consistently works with a broad range of partners to deliver its audience engagement programme:

  • Campus Grafenegg 
    in Austria where the EUYO partners with its summer home in Grafenegg to enrich current audiences in Grafenegg and develop new and non-audiences in Vienna

  • Ferrara Musica 
    in Italy where the EUYO has pioneered the Orchestra in Citta community programme for all of its 3 audience segments

  • Bolzano Festival Bozen
    in Italy, where, together with the Festival the Spazio Klassik project was developed

  • The Global Exchange Programme 
    that has seen members of the EUYO travel outside of the EU to experience audience work with the Sphinx Organisation in Detroit USA, the New World Symphony in  Miami, USA, the Neojiba project, Salvador Bahia, Brazil, and the Shanghai Orchestra Academy in China.

  • Other Partner Projects 
    have included the Urban Remix Project with the Bozar in Brussels. The Adopt an Orchestra project with the Megaron Thessaloniki in Greece and individual projects in Berlin, Malta, Romania and Myanmar

Audience Engagement Projects

Audience engagement projects created with partners include:

  • The Close Up programme

  • The Music Gallery

  • Late Lounge & the Late Night Sessions

  • Spazio Klassik

  • Teatro Open Days

  • Hands On sessions



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