Digital Summer Residency 2020

The Digital Summer Residency 2020 will run for three weeks between 19 July and 7 August for the Orchestra’s Summer Tour 2020 Orchestra. Using the EUYO’s newly launched EUYOdigital platform, musicians will take part in activities including sectional masterclasses with world-class EUYO tutors and EUYO Chief Conductor Vasily Petrenko, numerous well-being sessions, special workshops with the EUYO Digital Gallery Orchestra, and debate with artists in live hangouts. Composer in Residence Hannah Kendall will work with Orchestra on a number of issues.

The selection of events below, including meetings with guests such as Norman Lebrecht, novelist and commentator on music and cultural affairs, and acclaimed conductors Marin Alsop and Antonio Pappano to discuss the future of orchestras, will be made available live on EUYO's YouTube channelFacebook page and this page, for anyone to join in on the conversations. 




Streamed here and on EUYO's Social Media Channels


22 JUL

18.00 CET

Auditions: how to make them work - with EUYO rehearsal director Peter Stark

With Peter Stark, Rehearsal Director of the EUYO and special guests Laura Samuel, concertmaster of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Guy Braunstein, former concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic.

24 JUL

16.00 CET


The Future of Orchestras I: Norman Lebrecht 

Marshall Marcus asks Norman Lebrecht, commentator on music and cultural affairs, novelist and the author of the classical music blog Slipped Disc, "How has Coronavirus changed the potential landscape for Orchestras?"


30 JUL

10.00 CET


The Future of Orchestras II: Guest Maestro Antonio Pappano

 Marshall Marcus asks Maestro Antonio Pappano about the future of orchestras.


30 JUL

17.30 CET


Composers working with Orchestras: how has it been so far, and what will it be like in the future?

EUYO Composer in Residence Hannah Kendall talks to fellow composer Joan Tower about composing for orchestras.


15.00 CET


EUYO Global Exchange Meeting - with cultural activist Lukas Pairon

Marshall Marcus interviews cultural activist Lukas Pairon, founding director of SIMM, the international research platform focused on the possible Social Impacts of Making Music.



18.00 CET


The European Music Gallery Festival 2020 Preview

 A public meeting to show the details of the upcoming European Music Gallery Festival 2020!



15.00 CET

The Future of Orchestras III: Guest Maestro Marin Alsop

Marshall Marcus asks Maestro Marin Alsop about the future of orchestras.