Model Sharing

The Context

An Orchestra is one of the great metaphors for society: a complex place where people come together to learn, play, perform, work, express and communicate with others, both with and for communities. Orchestras are also expensive and time consuming to run. At the EUYO we believe that given the cost, time and value of what we all do, that we should share not only our music - the 'what' we do - but also the 'how' we  do it. We have been sharing the EUYO 'how' for many decades, informally. But now, as part of our Creative Europe programme Towards 2030, we are designing this sharing in more depth.

EUYO Model Sharing

More than 40 years’ experience of working with young musician programmes world-wide has helped us develop our methodology. Teaching and youth orchestra creation and development projects between 2014 and 2020 included initiatives in Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Myanmar, Romania, Slovakia, the UAE, UK, USA, and with our Partner Sistema Europe. 


Music Hub Austria

Since 2022, with the Lower Austria Music Schools Management programme that numbers approximately 60.000 music students, and with our home at Campus Grafenegg, we have developed new ways of sharing together in our Music Hub Austria programme. Current work is also ongoing with several other organisations including the West Balkans Youth Orchestra, and the Youth Symphony of Ukraine.


The Future

As part of our work with peer organisations, we are holding a hybrid model sharing symposium on 13 October 2023 which is intended for EU and non-EU Creative Europe eligible countries. Expressions of interest have so far been received from over 15 youth orchestra and social action youth music education programmes programmes across Europe. Details of this one day symposium are available by e mailing 

Further ahead, the EUYO will spread this work to other sectors, since these orchestral models are seen as not only relevant to the training of orchestras of young people but to any organisation that aims to train young people to a high level of excellence.

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