The Towards 2030 Programme

Q: What kind of orchestra should we be creating with Europe’s most talented young musicians? 

A: We want an orchestra of the highest level of excellence, certainly, but also one that is relevant to the needs of contemporary society in the 2020s.

Out of this answer was born Towards 2030, the EUYO’s orchestral programme for the current decade. Towards 2030 is inspired by the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and supported by the Pan European Cultural Entities strand of the European Commission's Creative Europe programme.

Towards 2030, working with the EU’s cultural ambassador youth orchestra of young highly talented musicians from all 27 EU Member States as Cultural Ambassador for the EU’s loftiest values, helps build an orchestra united by a shared sense of the importance of European heritage, innovation, diversity, sustainability, inclusion and the constant pursuit of the highest levels of excellence.



Our aim is to help create tomorrow’s musical leaders in Europe

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