Explaining the EUYO's new Towards 2030 Programme

Creating tomorrow's musical leaders in Europe. A world class orchestra and Cultural Ambassador for the EU’s highest values, young musicians from all 27 EU Member States united by a shared sense of European heritage, innovation, diversity, sustainability, inclusion and the highest levels of excellence.


Inspired by the key importance of the United Nations’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and supported by the Pan-European Cultural Entities strand of the European Commission's Creative Europe programme, the EUYO has planned activities in the years leading up to 2030 that not only continue to help build one of the world's greatest orchestras of young musicians, but also adds to that enviable tradition with a broad set of skills relevant to the society in which our young musicians live, and will be living in into the future.

With a new found sense of responsibility for society that reflects the EU's current priorities, Towards 2030 builds on the entrepreneurial and new audiences development work of our previous Creative Europe project Towards 2020, with a new programme including the following areas:

> Major spring and summer residencies and tours

> EU Ambassador projects

> Community & new audience projects

> EUYO Chamber Music Academy

> Alumni Teaching projects

> The EUYO Frontrunners online learning programme

> The Cafe Bauhaus music, innovation and sustainability programme

> Policies for environmental sustainability and DEI and gender equality

> A model sharing programme

For more information about Towards 2030, or to support our work, please contact us at info@euyo.eu with the subject line 'Towards 2030'.