30.05. | Alpha Mission Delos

30 MAY | 19.30 CET, 20.30 Greece | Delos, Greece

This concert, live-streamed on ARTE and to be broadcast on ARTE’s Sunday TV concert on 5 June, marks the inauguration of ALPHA MISSION - ΔELOS, an initiative that aims through the combined strengths of Mythology, Art and Space Technology to raise awareness globally about the urgent need for the regeneration of our planet. It marks the 30th anniversary of ARTE, an important European cultural channel, symbol of Franco-German friendship, and also forms part of the EUYO’s Peace in Europe Project of seven peace concerts across Europe, in a series of events from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, and the East of Europe to the North Sea.   

The concert will be live-streamed at 19:30 CET on ARTE, on the social-media platforms of different Cultural and Technological institutions, and projected onto big screens in the following places:

- Megaron Concert Hall in Athens, Greece 
- Town Hall of Mikonos, Greece 
- Ekatontapiliani Church, Paros, Greece 
- Campo San Lorenzo, Venice, Italy 
- Orangerie de la Fondation Hardt, Geneva, Switzerland 

The concert will also be broadcast on ARTE’s Sunday TV concert on 5 June  at 17.25 CET in Germany and 18.25 CET in France, and remain available on arte.tv from 30th May until end of August.

European Union Youth Orchestra
Diana Tishchenko
 Solo Violin
Sokratis Sinopoulos Solo Lyra

Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons Op. 8
Marshall Marcus Seventeen Strokes of the Bell for Peace and Sustainability
Antonio Vivaldi / Carmen Fizzarotti The [Uncertain] Four Seasons* ‘Floating Autumn’

*The [Uncertain] Four Seasons is an initiative of AKQA und Jung von Matt, composer Hugh Crosthwaite, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub. The project builds on a concept first performed by the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester in 2019.

The ALPHA MISSION -ΔELOS concert is a coproduction of the World Human Forum & ARTE in partnership with the EUYO, Europa Nostra, the Hellenic Space Center, the National Research Center for Natural Sciences “Demokritos", the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Megaron - the Athens Concert Hall - and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades. For more information see here.

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