European Youth Orchestra: SignetEuropean Youth Orchestra

EUYO, Lusławice 2023. ©ECMKP, photo B.Barczyk

Our Values: EUYO Code of Conduct

The EUYO values a safe, welcoming, inclusive, diverse and healthy environment. Ours is a culture of mutual respect and consideration which helps everyone to thrive.

We therefore ask everyone working with the Orchestra to adhere to our Code of Conduct, wherein we commit to working together in the following ways:

  • Respect for others

Courtesy, helpfulness, a can-do attitude and zero tolerance of unacceptable behaviour.

  • Good communication

Calm, considered communication accompanied by careful listening. 

  • Embracing change

The EUYO constantly strives to be the best version of ourselves and our organisation that we can be. That means exiting our comfort zones; change can help us make best use of our resources, learn and grow. 

  • Recognising success

Pride in doing our own best goes hand-in-hand with learning from others. 

  • Working together

An orchestra does not have a solo career! We support each other and work together to achieve our best, shared experience. 

You can download the full Code of Conduct below.