European Youth Orchestra: SignetEuropean Youth Orchestra

Rules and Regulations for New Applicants

For the 2024 Orchestra:

  • Applicants must be aged 16 to 26 on 31 December 2023
  • You must hold a passport from one of the 27 European Union member countries. Visas and Residence Permits issued by EU member countries are not accepted – you will not be eligible to apply without an EU passport
  • The EUYO audition panel’s decision in player selection is final
  • Annual auditioning for a place in the Orchestra is required even for previous members
  • Musicians with membership or highly commended or reserve list status in the past two years are automatically eligible for the final round audition and are exempted from a first-round audition
  • Application forms must be submitted by the closing date and include a video if required
  • Candidates may audition in any EU member state if they were born, reside, or study/work in that country

EUYO seeks young musicians in the EU aiming for excellence and commitment. Applicants should explain their interest in EUYO and anticipated benefits from the experience.

EUYO audition days are extremely busy and candidates not turning up can cause considerable delay to the schedule. Therefore, if you do not turn up at your allotted time without prior notice, or without a valid medical reason on the day, you are not allowed to audition for the EUYO in the following year.

EUYO does not charge for auditions.

Disability Policy

EUYO accepts applications from disabled young musicians meeting the application criteria. The orchestra endeavours to ensure that a disabled member can participate as fully as possible in all its activities.

General Information

Candidates will perform a prepared piece of their choice and selected orchestral excerpts. Percussionists perform only prepared orchestral extracts. For online auditions, a video recording of yourself performing the two mandatory excerpts and your solo piece in a single take is required. Solo pieces should not exceed 4 minutes.

About 120 places are filled annually through auditions. The EUYO maintains a reserve list of about 200 players who may be asked to play in the orchestra at some point during the year.

Successful candidates become orchestra members and are invited to take part in our annual spring and summer tours, as well as other projects throughout the year. Members receive tuition, travel, food, and accommodation free of charge.

Tips for Auditions

Thorough preparation of orchestral excerpts is key to a successful audition. It is important to play the extracts accurately and sensitively, paying particular attention to accurate rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and tuning. It is also vital to display an understanding of the score, and the context in which the orchestral excerpts would be played in the orchestra.

EUYO Data Protection Declaration for Auditions

EUYO collects, processes, and stores personal data for effective auditions. This includes name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, address, email address, phone number, current college and teacher’s name, and link and downloaded copy of your audition video.

Your data is shared with EUYO panel members or alumni tutors, and the National Partner for your country. It is stored for the current year, the following year, and the legally required period for compliance. Your data is processed for communication and to organise auditions.

There is no obligation to submit data, but not doing so makes you ineligible for EUYO’s audition process. Submitting your application signifies agreement to data collection, processing, storage, and sharing as described above.

For safe processing of personal data, EUYO uses third-party providers ensuring data protection pursuant to GDPR. These suppliers include Cara Networks Ltd and Airtable.

Applicants have the right to information, correction, deletion, limitation, transportability, and protest regarding personal data. To exercise these rights, please contact EUYO at

For any questions about these guidelines, please contact Alexia Higgs.