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Philanthropic support is vital to ensuring the EUYO’s continued success and future innovation.

2023 marks a significant period in EUYO history, as we move to our Austrian new home in Grafenegg. This is the perfect time to join the EUYO family by making a philanthropic gift, becoming part of our Patrons Circle, or a Friend of the EUYO. You could also decide you want to sponsor a chair or section, or support one of our annual awards.

You can choose to support what you are most passionate about; your donation can enable an education project, concert series or tour, a single performance, or an individual musician.

Read on to find out more about how you can support the EUYO as:


The Impact of Your Support

An Investment in the Future

What is the long-term impact of supporting EUYO? Secretary General Marshall Marcus explains how and why it's an investment in the future.

EUYO Musicians

EUYO percussionist Clara De Groote (Germany) talks about her first EUYO tour - which had a particularly big role for the marimba.

Extra-musical Education

Peter Stark remembers what one of his former students - today a medical research professor - had to say about their musical education.

EUYO Musicians

Violinist Marta Dettlaff (Poland) is back with EUYO for the third year running! In this video, she shares her experience of EUYO auditions and tours.