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Collaborate and Invest in the Next Generation of Creative Leaders

EUYO embodies the best leadership and collaborative working practice. We are unity in diversity in action, a hot bed of creativity and innovation! The power of music, the EUYO mindset and our position at the beating heart of Europe drive forward the creation of the next generation of globally astute creative music and business leaders.

Many of the EUYO alumni have gone on to illustrious musical careers leading the world’s orchestral and arts venues, while other are highly successful in finance, law, tech, medicine and across the creative industries.

Corporate Giving

How can we help you achieve your goals and social responsibility objectives?

We develop bespoke, mutually beneficial partnerships with all our corporate partners. They are designed to meet your needs, be these related to branding, marketing, CSR, hospitality, employee engagement, volunteering or a combination.

  • Are you looking for youth insight into new products or services? We can help, with individuals from across the EU.
  • Do you need to re-engage your employees with unique volunteering opportunities, or team building days? Our artistic team can tell you more!
  • Are you seeking the perfect hospitality solutions for your clients? Join the EUYO at prestigious international concert venues, or gain special insight into the workings of an orchestra during our Grafenegg summer residency. EUYO can also develop bespoke concerts or event opportunities for your employees, and we also offer purpose-built digital platforms.

A partnership or sponsorship with the EUYO could be the most rewarding investments your company makes. To find out how, please contact EUYO’s Head of Development and Philanthropy Simona Biancu at or on LinkedIn.


The Impact of Your Support

Café Bauhaus Logo

Café Bauhaus Awards

In 2020, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen initiated the New European Bauhaus, in order to help shape more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together in Europe. In response to this, EUYO’s own Café Bauhaus Awards were born.  This unique awards programme supports EUYO alumni in their next career steps by providing seed funding, business mentoring, project partners, branding and marketing support. The Café Bauhaus Awards are open to EUYO members and alumni who want to create innovative performances and projects that impact positively the communities where they and work.

Café Bauhaus recreates the inspiration of the Bauhaus movement in a modern guise, targeting young people, diverse and local audiences, as well as those new to classical music. The initiative also aims to connect high quality music with modern day issues such as climate change, sustainability, gender equality, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Projects are selected annually by an open call to all EUYO members and recent alumni. We currently award three awards each year, but with your support would have the opportunity to significantly expand the programme. There is also the opportunity for you to support in kind, such as by providing strategic business know-how and mentoring to the award winners.


The Impact of Your Support

An Investment in the Future

What is the long-term impact of supporting EUYO? Secretary General Marshall Marcus explains how and why it's an investment in the future.

EUYO Musicians

EUYO percussionist Clara De Groote (Germany) talks about her first EUYO tour - which had a particularly big role for the marimba.

Extra-Musical Education

Peter Stark remembers what one of his former students - today a medical research professor - had to say about their musical education.

EUYO Musicians

Violinist Marta Dettlaff (Poland) is back with EUYO for the third year running! In this video, she shares her experience of EUYO auditions and tours.