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Grafenegg Wolkenturm. Photo: Lisa Edi
Grafenegg's Wolkenturm ("Cloud Tower") outdoor stage. Photo: Lisa Edi

At Home in



Our relationship with the beautiful concert venue Grafenegg and its music academy campus goes back 13 years, during which time EUYO became a resident orchestra for Grafenegg, and Grafenegg EUYO’s principal venue partner and summer home.

Supported by the governments of Lower Austria and the Federal Republic, Grafenegg has been EUYO’s home and administrative seat since the beginning of 2023.

The move builds upon the Orchestra’s 5 years in Ferrara, Italy, a crucial period for the organisation as it transitioned away from its long-term UK base.


Marshall Marcus. Photo: ECMKP - S. Kusiak
Marshall Marcus. Photo: ECMKP - S. Kusiak

“Thanks to the support of Grafenegg, Lower Austria and the Federal Republic of Austria, our new relationship with Grafenegg will drive the next phase of the Orchestra’s development. We will continue the vision of the Orchestra’s founders, continue adding innovation to tradition, and create an inspiring programme for 21st century Europe.”

EUYO Executive & Artistic Director Marshall Marcus

Martin Eichtinger
Ambassador Dr. Martin Eichtinger

“We are bringing a piece of history to Lower Austria. The EUYO has British roots: founders Joy and Lionel Bryer and founding music director Claudio Abbado put the visionary idea of a youth orchestra into practice in London in 1976. The institution they founded remains so  important for the whole of Europe. EUYO is a landmark of the European idea, a unique cultural project, and will also become the first EU institution based in Austria”.

Ambassador Dr. Martin Eichtinger, Special Envoy and Coordinator for neighbourhood policy and the foreign policy dimension of the Danube Region; EUYO Board Member.

Philipp Stein, Managing Director of Grafenegg Kulturbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Dr. Philipp Stein

“This new chapter in the shared history of EUYO and Grafenegg opens new possibilities for fruitful exchange and collective growth – both musical and personal. With their energy, curiosity, and eagerness to experiment, the young musicians of the EUYO are the ideal ambassadors for positive European integration; for listening, engaging, and cooperation, qualities that will carry Europe into the future.”

Dr Philipp Stein, Grafenegg Managing Director



MKM: Musik & Kunst Schulen Management Niederösterreich

Music Hub Austria

Together with the Lower Austria Schools Management (MKM) association, EUYO and Grafenegg are launching an unprecedented opportunity for young musicians throughout Austria. Music Hub Austria combines the accessibility of online learning with the intensity of face-to-face contact with classical music, both of which we want to bring to as many young musicians as possible. MKM’s network makes it possible to reach up to 60.000 school-age music students, and further development and expansion is planned throughout Austria. Our vision is to become the most innovative music pedagogy and development model for Europe to date.

The hub features an online learning programme, the sharing of musical career development and pedagogy best practice, and many opportunities for music school students to work with EUYO’s own musicians. The latter includes live chamber and ensemble coaching, open rehearsals and concerts, and the “Showing Europe” video series profiling the lives of young musicians in countries across the entire European Union.