12-15.12 | The Stauffer Leader Workshop

After the EUYO’s first Stauffer Academy chamber music workshops and concert in 2021, the EUYO 2022 project as part of the Orchestra’s residence in Cremona focused on the question of leadership. Four days of intense work focused on the skills required to become a successful leader, and in particular a successful orchestral leader, a role calling for a remarkably impressive variety of skills. Four EUYO potential leaders were chosen through open auditions to attend the Academy alongside 10 young musicians enrolled in the Stauffer Academy’s year long leadership course.

The project’s workshops, lessons and discussions were led by the Concertmaster of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Andrea Obiso, with further sessions led by EUYO Rehearsal Director Peter Stark, EUYO Secretary General Marshall Marcus, and EUYO tutor Oliver Kipp. There were also interventions from EUYO Advisory Council member and Stauffer Academy Director Paolo Petrocelli, cellist Steven Isserlis and Europe 101 Leadership Programme Director Julai Middleton. The workshops were also used as part of the EUYO’s final audition for the next EUYO Orchestra Leader.